Adventure Race

Come and test your physical and mental abilities as you navigate through the greater Richmond area.

This adventure race is a multi-sport event that will test not only your speed, but also your capacity to work as a team, read a map and compass, make the right decisions, and endure on a course designed by Central Virginia Orienteering Club. Plan to spend 4-5 hours riding, running, and paddling from a to be announced location – the in between will remain a secret until race day!

Cost & Registration

Early Bird Price: $75/person
February 18 – April 15: $80/person
April 16 – May 18: $85/person

Includes: paddling gear for race day (boats, PFDs, and paddles), a cool event t-shirt, and drink ticket*. Registration closes on Wednesday, May 18.

*Drink ticket must be used during normal festival hours

Entries are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-deferrable, even in the case of a race cancellation, race postponement, race format change and/or if you are unable to participate.

Packet Pick Up 

Packets must be picked up Sunday, May 22 from 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. at the start site. Start site TBA soon.

A photo ID is required for adults to pick up your packet (not required for minors without IDs).

Competition Format

All teams will be racing against the clock and trying to maximize check-points found before the finish time.  Teams will also be separated into divisions and racing against each other…i.e. “2-person co-ed, 3 or 4 person male, 3 or 4 person co-ed, etc”.  You can race to be “top dog” overall and also race to humble the other teams in your division.  The more teams there are, the more fun it is.”


Not knowing the actual course ahead of time is half the adventure in an adventure race!  The course description will be handed out the morning of the race but this year you can expect single track, dirt roads and paved roads during the biking sections, a surprise paddling section and trek orienteering!  We will be sending  information to registered racers as we get closer to race time.  This will help your team plan for a day of fun. Logistics will be minimal for racers with more details being provided as race day approaches.


  • All participants must be at least 12 years old to participate.
  • No use of GPS
  • To remain official, team must stay together (no more than 100 meters apart)
  • Ranking: The final decision is made by the race committee.  Teams will be ranked by the total number of mandatory Checkpoints (CPs) acquired.  In the case of a tie, we will count the number of optional CPs obtained.  If there is a further tie, the team with the fastest time will be ranked higher.  All time cut-offs must be attained in order to be considered “full course.”  If a team does not make a time cut-off, they will be forced to skip the next section and be moved forward on the race course.  You must finish within the total time allowed.  Teams will be penalized one check point for every 5 minutes past the finishing time.
  • Passport: Teams must keep their passport with them at all times.  If you lose the passport, you will be docked 10 checkpoints.  Teams are responsible for marking their passports correctly.  If a passport needs to be signed by a race official at a checkpoint, the team is responsible for insuring that it is signed correctly before continuing with the race.
  • Misplaced, stolen, or missing CPs: If a CP is missing or stolen, it will be removed from the race course final tally.
  • Protests: All protests must be submitted in writing within 1 hour of the official finish time.
  • The race organizers reserve the right to award bonuses and penalties throughout the race.
  • No use of “off limit” roads and trails (these will be marked or discussed at the start).
  • No littering…and no damage of trails or property…do not disturb wildlife.
  • Help other teams in case of emergencies.  Teams will be given bonuses for time spent.
  • Always wear and use safety and mandatory gear required for each section of the race (See below under TIPS & SAFETY for Gear Required).
  • If you fall behind, race organizers reserve the right to not allow you to continue.
  • Consumption of alcohol before the race is PROHIBITED.

Tips & Safety

  • Water and food will be available throughout the course at some of the TAs and at some stores (bring some cash), but plan to be self-sufficient.
  • We highly recommend the use of gaiters/long pants or something to cover the lower part of your legs for the orienteering sections. We’ve seen some poison ivy out already.
  • Be ready for some ticks and bugs.
  • Bike sections will include roads, fire roads and single track so plan your tires accordingly.  There may be some hiking with bikes as well.
  • Paddling will include all flatwater and may include a short portage.
  • Bring a pen and something to write on (one per team)…youll need it.
  • Sunglasses are recommended.
  • Take care of your maps and passports. Store them in a safe and dry place during the race.
  • Depending on the weather on race day one or two items could be taken out of the list of recommended gear.

Recommended Gear List


PERSONAL GEAR – to be carried by each competitor for the entire race
Food and drinks deemed necessary for the race
Knife: folding blade is OK
Space Blanket
Waterproof shell or jacket

TEAM GEAR – each team must have these things
Cell Phone (in waterproof case): fully charged
Passport: given at race start
All Maps (given at race start) and waterproof map case (Ziploc bags are OK but having dry maps REALLY helps!)
First Aid Kit:

  • 4 doses of pain reliever
  • 4 Alcohol or betadine swabs
  • 4 Band Aids
  • 3 inch (or larger) ACE wrap bandage
  • Medical or Duct Tape
  • Antibiotic Cream i.e. Neosporin
  • 4 doses of Benadryl (diphenhydramine)

Specific Gear for Biking Section
Mountain Bike (road or cyclo-cross bikes NOT allowed) for each person
Bike Helmet (ANSI/Snell Approved) for each person
Front Light (white) for each bike
Back Light (red) for each bike
Bike Repair Kit (one per team)
Bike Pump (one per team)
Spare Bike tubes (at least one!)