dART: A Mural Scavenger Hunt Around RVA

It's time to paint the town! ...Or better yet, go on a multi-tiered scavenger hunt through the painted town!

We have your clues sheet, point system, and bonus finds. All you need to do is pick a time to seek and find the most beloved murals in RVA. You’ll compete with other players on bike or foot to find specific pieces of art, and stop in local businesses for additional help or special prizes. Set your own hours, get a whole team involved, ready your camera, and dART to the finish.

Cost & Registration

Through May 15:  $15
May 16 – May 19:  $20
On Site:  $20

Includes: a set of clues, a cool event t-shirt, post-event beer or soda, and a free concert.

Entries are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-deferrable.

Packet Pick Up & Walk Up Registration

Click here for details

Competition Format

Competitors will have Friday through Sunday to explore the historic streets of the River City, on a quest to find some of RVA’s most iconic murals. Using clues given at packet pick-up, participants must search for the murals by foot, or on bike. Once found, a picture of the mural must be taken with the participant in the photo – selfies welcomed and encouraged. Each mural will have a specific point value. The goal is to collect as many points as possible throughout the weekend. You can do this solo or make it a team effort, just keep in mind that everyone must register! Prizes will be given following the event, as tiered point levels are reached. So get your smartphone or camera ready, because the hunt is on!

There have been 14 murals selected for you to find throughout various neighborhoods around town, including Downtown, Jackson Ward, and the Fan. Each mural has been assigned a point value depending on the difficulty of the clue. Along with the points associated with the clue, there is the opportunity for Bonus Points by Bottoms Up Pizza. Take your bib to 1700 Dock St. and they will place a stamp or sticker on it where you’ll also get a free slice of cheese or pepperoni pizza!

Photos must be submitted by 10 a.m. on Monday, May 20. Please send them via email to dart@sportsbackers.org. All files should include the participant name and image number (i.e. Joe Millionaire-1).

Points & Prizes

We will have various prizes based on the point levels you are able to achieve throughout the weekend.  Prizes will vary based on the number of points you achieve.  See below for the three tiers.

Paint by Numbers: 25 – 50 points
Frame Worthy: 51 – 125 poinits
Masterpiece: 126 – 155 points